Classes are held at 681 Victoria St, a quiet neighborhood in San Francisco.  Plenty of parking around.

WHO teaches?

Rennea Couttenye, creator of the program and her energetic assistant.

Can we start anytime during the month? START TIMES

The program and projects are built from week to week, so starting in the middle may not be ideal but not impossible.  Please call to assess your situation.

What if my child misses a class? MISSED CLASSES

He or she will be missing a portion of the program.  We will make arrangements so the student comes to a class in another month and we’ll make the appropriate introductions so that she or he feels welcomed.

How do I PAY?

There are 3 ways:

1) Use this link that will take you to Activity Hero.

2)  Send a check made to: Español for Kids.  681 Victoria St. San Francsico, CA 94127.

3)  We’ll take your card over the phone.

Are there any DICOUNTS?


1) Sibling discount: take off $25/$30 for workshop only/full day respectively.

2) Three-month discount: take off $80/$120 for workshop only/ full day respectively.

Are there any REFUNDS?

Full refund minus admin fee of $35 if you cancel before 7 days of starting date.

No refunds after 7 days prior to starting date.

More questions?

Call four one five eight four one one six eight one.

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