MISSION – Español for Kids teaches children practical Spanish for their daily use.  We support parents in their quest to have bilingual children and enjoy the riches of Hispanic culture.  Unique, lively, fun and a challenging curriculum, make our program special.




“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” Diane Ackerman, Contemporary American author

Studies show that kids learn effortlessly when they play and interact.  During Immersion Workshops the use of the Spanish will seamlessly seep through.  In addition, the reading, writing and literature periods are short, succinct and programmed to be engaging and game-like while learning deeper content.

Check this 10 min Ted Talk about learning languages: Patricia Kuhl, the Linguistic Genius of Babies.



rennea mariposa

Rennea Couttenye – Teacher and founder.  She runs the Saturday Immersion programs in SF.  Rennea established Español for Kids in 1990 to fill the need for Spanish as a second language education for her own children.  She teaches and is working on new models for second language education using a mix of technology, games and social interaction.



av and kids

Avery Penna – Teacher and founder.  Grew up in San Francisco first attending classes and then running summer camps at Español for Kids. Avery runs Spanish Immersion Programs, in the UK. She is a graduate from the University of London in Spanish and Italian and is raising her bilingual children.




Perica de los Palotes– Teacher.  Collaborates and assists with the Saturday Immersion Programs.


WAYS WE ACCOMPLISH OUR MISSION- Our team works in several ways:

• Establishing immersion programs where social interaction happens – workshop, games, book clubs-. This site ESPANOL FOR KIDS is all about this program.

•• Offering online games, books and activities for parents or caregivers to engage kids with cultural authentic content. Coming soon.

••• And thirdly, doing workshops for teachers and parents helping them share with kids appropriate material. Coming soon!


ESPANOL FOR KIDS ONLY is a business based in San Francisco that offers Spanish as a Second Language to children. In the past, it trained teachers and offered classes throughout the Bay Area in schools, homes and community centers to over 200 students.  Today Español for Kids is implementing a pilot to develop a program of flipped classrooms in which much of the learning is done through technology in their homes, at their pace. Later the students meet with teachers to practice their learning in a social environment.